Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chris Tagged me

3 Favorite Shows
The Office
30 Rock

3 Favorite Restaurants
I don't eat out much, but I have to put something.
P.F. Chang's
Any good steak place
I also like BBQ ribs

3 Things that Happened Yesterday
Stepped in cow crap
Made a post in my Stafford web group
Read in my scriptures

3 Things to Which I am Looking Forward
More rain
Moving back to Virginia some day
Growing old with my wife

3 Things on my Wish list
Live long enough to see the second coming of Christ
Be with my family forever
Finding a more secure job

3 Things I Love
Chocolate chip cookies
Growing and canning my own food
My family

3 Things I can’t Stand
Stupid people (liberals)
Those who complain but do nothing to fix what they are complaining about
People to Tag
I am not a fan of doing things like this, so I will not pass it on.


Webers said...

Maybe it was on purpose, but it looks like "People to Tag" is under 3 Things I can't stand. Just something I noticed. I can't wait for you guys to move to VA either!

Mimi Nowland said...

I loved reading this tag. I liked the part about growing old with your wife.