Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our new grain mill

One of the things that my wife got for me was the Country Living Grain Mill, this is one of the best on the market and is capable of making fine pastry flour by hand. I put allot of research into this grain mill and am very happy with it, but the one thing that I have found is that when a review tells you that grinding fine pastry flour is easy compared to other brand, they are referring to relative ease. I have never used another hand crank grain mill, but I would be surprised if I get more caloric value from the flour that I grind than the caloric energy I expend grinding it. The one thing I am looking foreword to is hooking a motor up to my mill and using some good old fashioned electricity to grind my flour.

We have been baking bread in the new Terra cotta bread pans that I got for Mimi and it has been wonderful. The bread is so good that we have stopped buying bread at the store and have converted entirely to home baked bread.

Other things that we got this Christmas include an All American brand pressure canner and cooker. My parents are to thank for that, but it has been a welcome addition to our self sufficiency plan.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chris Tagged me

3 Favorite Shows
The Office
30 Rock

3 Favorite Restaurants
I don't eat out much, but I have to put something.
P.F. Chang's
Any good steak place
I also like BBQ ribs

3 Things that Happened Yesterday
Stepped in cow crap
Made a post in my Stafford web group
Read in my scriptures

3 Things to Which I am Looking Forward
More rain
Moving back to Virginia some day
Growing old with my wife

3 Things on my Wish list
Live long enough to see the second coming of Christ
Be with my family forever
Finding a more secure job

3 Things I Love
Chocolate chip cookies
Growing and canning my own food
My family

3 Things I can’t Stand
Stupid people (liberals)
Those who complain but do nothing to fix what they are complaining about
People to Tag
I am not a fan of doing things like this, so I will not pass it on.

Friday, January 16, 2009

How much sacrifice is too much?

Our new President has said that every American is going to have to sacrifice for our country to get out of this Depression we are in. He has also said that Government is the answer and can solve all of our problems.

For those of you who know me personally you may know that I do not agree with the Government being the answer to all of our problems, but I do believe that it will be the people and not government that will bring our nation out of this depression. This nation is now made up of individuals who have never known great want. I am including my self in this group, because I know that I have never had to make real sacrifice for my family or my country. Most of people who live in this nation are just like me and have never been asked to sacrifice anything for there nation. The question that I have for my self and for all the members of my generation is; "how much sacrifice is too much?"

Are we only willing to do what is comfortable or convenient? Are we willing to go a little farther and get involved in our community and make a difference? When the time comes will we be willing to stand up for our family and our nation and defend our freedoms with our lives if we are asked?

I have been asking my self these questions and have not yet made up my mind, but I know that I will be working to defend my family and my nation. I have decided that I will serve, now the new question is where I will be serving; in a domestic position like the Police or in the active Military? I have been exploring both and have not ruled out any options, but when I do make my decision I will let all of you know. If you have an opinion let me know what you think.